KnockDoc: An Android Application for finding doctors > book appointment online

Thakker Technologies launches a new app KnockDoc to the android market

People are smart nowadays, they want to read the feedback and reviews of other users prior to visit a store, restaruant or a doctor! Now days, Android Applications are very useful in daily works. As like all apps help us, KnockDoc is very helpful for easily finding doctors nearby you or nearby any location that you want. Then visit to the doctor by calling him/her or book online appointment.

Doctors on the call :

Suppose you are so ill that you can not go out to the clinic. And wants the doctor to visit the you at your location, just search in KnockDoc as per your criteria, you will see list of doctors list. Click on any doctor and you will see doctor’s profile with address, contact numbers and location. You can call him/her directly or book an appointment via KnockDoc feature.

Search Doctors on the go anywhere :

Another option for using KnockDoc that suppose you go to the picnic somewhere. You got injured or you felt that you are weak. No problem, KnockDoc will help you. Search doctors nearby you as per your problem, from list of doctors visit anyone and get well soon.

Don’t chose doctors blindly, read the reviews :

KnockDoc also provides one option for you that is reviews. Once you visit any doctor and based on your experience with the doctor and the way he cured your illness, you can give feedback for him with comments and ratings out of 5. So other patients can see your reviews and consider it prior to visit that doctor.

Right now, KnockDoc is available for Ahmedabad, Delhi, Mumbai, Surat, Rajkot, and Vadodara. We will add doctors from ohter cities soon, stay tuned.


Why wait? Book an appointment via KnockDoc now!


Why wait in a queue while you can get prior appointment to visit.

Use KnockDoc to find doctors, read reviews about them. Call them directly or book an appointment via KnockDoc. Get Well soon 🙂

Download KnockDoc from here –